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We have just started a contract to supply a new site for Liquid Solutions. The new site will feature a highly technical  Joomla template which will match the sales market for The site will be easy to modify to ensure on-going costs are minimised. We hope to have a good working relationship with Pete Arguile on the new site.
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Web Optimisation - What is it?

google_logo.png yahoo.pngThe aim of optimization is that your website appears on page ONE of the natural listings of a Google© or other search-engine search. We can normally ensure this happens within a month of your website going live. First of all, we will submit your URL to the main search engines to ensure your website can be found. We will then optimise your page internally and externally, analysing and selecting the right keywords, key phrases, meta-data and alternative texts to enable search engines to rank your website among the best. We will optimise all your page names to ensure that they are related to the content within the page. We will ensure that the content of your main landing page is targetted to the audience you are trying to reach. We use Search Engine ask.pngOptimisation tools to make sure that the search terms used by your target audience direct them to your site in preference to others. We will prepare a Google Adwords Campaign that will be sure to put your site on the top of the page amongst the sponsored links for as long as you want. We will create good internal links that the search-engine spiders will find. We will also perform inbound link analysis ensuring good quality reciprocal links to your website

Browser Compatibility

firefox.pngopera.pngWe will ensure that your website is readable on all standard browser technology and any embedded functionality is supported on both MACS and PCs. The main browser Internet Explorer 7.0 has a few bugs that cause certain valid HTML code to display incorrectly. The most widely used version of firefox is missing accessibility functionality that is available on IE. Safari is solely available on Macs which brings it's own pitfalls as the MacIntosh o/s does not support the same font set available for windows. Even when using an industry standard browser like firefox on your Mac you may still see inconsistencies . You may also want your site to appear to users of PDA type devices. The end result is that if you want your browser to appear the same on all machines and all browsers then a lot safari.pngexplorer.pngof testing and re-jigging is required. You need not worry about this as LightQuick will do all this testing this for you. We cannot underestimate how important this fact is. If the majority of your customers have older PCs then they may have older versions of the IE browse. If the site does not display well in IE6 then potentially all of your customers will be driven away if your site does not perform well on older technology. 


Google Adwords

google-adwords.png It is not generally understood how important a Google Adwords campaign is in attracting visitors to your site. It is the single most crucial advertising and marketing step your company will make. The fact that 75% of your clientele will reach you via the google search engine is ample evidence that your marketing needs to be heavily focussed upon optimising your place in the google rankings.

Global Searches as of August 2008 (does not include China)

Google Sites: 32.1 billion
Yahoo Sites: 8.5 billion
Microsoft Sites: 2.2 billion

We will advise how to use Adwords© or Overture© to increase the visibility of your website among Google's sponsored links. We can set up a campaign for your site showing you how to get to the top of the natural listings with minimal outlay. 

We provide the following to ensure your site appears on the top page of the 'natural' listings:

Optimisation of your site so that it is found by search engine 'spiders. Analysis of current competitors websites researching target phrases for your industr.

Search Engine Optimisation

  • Modifying your paqes to be search engine friendly using SEF tools.
  • Advice on alternative search phrases and how to find them
  • Optimisation of your title and meta tags
  • Optimisation of alternative texts and screen tips
  • Optimisation of your images for fast download
  • Optimisation of each page including descriptive texts
  • Advice on good website structure
  • Advice on search engine and directory submissions
  • Creation of good quality reciprocal links
  • Publicising your website in non-conventional ways
  • Creation of online press releases to stimulate external interest in your site
  • Compatibility test the website with the all the main browsers

As a working example click on this link to see how search engine optimisation works for one of our clients.

HTML clipboard

Google Analytics

google.pnganalytics-medium.jpgGoogle Analytics is a great way of tracking the visitor to your web site.

Google Analytics has been designed to help you learn all about where your visitors come from, how they interact with your website and what they do and don't like.

Google Analytics is an essential tool to all advertisers, publishers and website owners.

Google Analytics Dashboard puts all the information you need in one central location.

If you are serious about your internet site promotion you need Google Analytics.

Lightquick will install Google Analytics on your website as part of our Google Adwords service. 


Google Base or Froogle


Google's Froogle is now known as Google Base. It is a comparison shopping search engine which allows buyers to compare prices for various products all in one place. By focussing entirely on product search, Froogle applies the power of Google's search technology to a very specific task: locating stores that sell the item you want to find and pointing you directly to the place where you can make a purchase.

Lightquick will configure Google Base using your shop's product database as part of our Google optimisation service. 





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"Lightquick took my old site and transformed it. Paying attention to detail and providing us with what WE wanted. The attention to technical detail and the ease of ongoing management and updating information is a dream come true" Robert Lindsay - The owner of the Marine Hotel Stonehaven

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