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We have just started a contract to supply a site for The Marine Hotel Stonehaven. The new site will feature a friendly and welcoming Joomla template which will match the ambience of the Marine Hotel at The site will be easy to modify to ensure on-going costs are minimised. We know we will have a great time working with Robert Lindsay on the new site.
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The Yahoo Widget Gallery is closing, forever.

yahoo-widgets-logo.pngIf you have any widgets that you think could do with a reskin in the steampunk style then now is your chance to select them, or forever hold your peace... Once the gallery goes offline I will have no access to the widgets.

So, if you feel inclined, have a look at the Yahoo gallery and find any widgets you use or could use that you really think might be better dressed in steampunk style, choose those that others might like to use too, download them and send them to me one way or another and I'll think about skinning them if they might prove popular to others. I have already received one request for an earthquake monitoring widget.

This is your last chance to view the gallery before it goes off line forever.

This does NOT mean that the Yahoo widgets will stop working now or in some time in the near future, it just means that Yahoo cannot afford the new servers to support the gallery and they are diverting development staff to their TV widget engine (they seem to think that we want widgets on TVs rather than TV on our computers... silly chappies).

The Yahoo widgets will work for the foreseeable future, Vista, win 7/8/9+, ReactOS, Mac OS/X.

So, last chance... get downloading, it turns off on the 10th April 2012.

PS. This BBC article shows the reasoning behind the Yahoo gallery closure, it is nothing to do with technology but everything to do with money.

Keep an eye on this space, there will be some developments that will be reported here giving you an idea of life after Yahoo widgets.

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Venus♀ wrote on April 04, 2012
Title: ...
Are you as depressed as I am about the closing?

I have been downloading widgets, like a madwoman. Only 5 days left!

I'm glad that I decided to check out your site. I didn't think I would be interested in the SteamPunk style, but I have now converted!! I love your work- it's beautiful.smilies/smiley.gif
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yereverluvinunclebert wrote on April 04, 2012
Title: ...
Me too.

Widgets won't stop working as an entity though for years to come.

I have downloaded my personal best ones and others will be doing the same. Some of us widgeteers are looking for a new suitable location to continue downloading but there will never be another Yahoo widget gallery. Very short-sighted on the part of Yahoo as they are cutting off the streams that would potentially supply the Yahoo Widget connected TV river. It is not the technology that is
driving the decision but Yahoo's financial worries.
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