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If you have found that are getting the Joomla  "You are not authorised to view this resource" message on news or other similar items when your site appears to be working in all other respects then try this sequence of changes - it might just help. This worked for Joomla 1.0 and should also give you pointers for Joomla 1.5.

Access levels
Access levels as they should be - Public
Check first of all that the offending items are valid and published on all pages that you want them to be viewed.

Check whether the access level to see whether the offending items should show for all users or only for users with privilege.

If your item is a news item then  If your item generates the error when using the latest, most popular or similar modules then check to see if the item appears in the normal blog or news pages.

This will give you an idea as to when the problem occurs and should help to point you toward a possible solution.

This error occurred on one of my sites when I installed a latest news module which showed a valid link to the news item. However, when I clicked on the offending news item link I received the dreaded "You are not authorised to view this resource" message. This occured a lot when creating new news items. In this particular case the news items appear in the BLOG but are not reachable via the latest items module.

These are the things that each suffering news item appeared to have in common:

  • The names of the news items were long
  • The news names often contained a non-text character such as !
  • The news items had a name but no alias title

To get round this I have tried a lot of different fixes but in the end I have a solution, of sorts, that works for me:

  • If Artio JoomSEF or similar SEF tool is installed and enabled - then clear the SEF cache
  • If you have 3rd party cache tools like Pagecache installed then be sure to turn off the default Joomla cacheing, it is not necessary to have both.
  • If you have a 3rd party cache tool installed then temporarily disable the cache component.
turn off the default Joomla cache
turn off the default Joomla cache

  • Is there an alias for the article
    Is there an alias for the article?
    Shorten the news item name and remove any non-alpha numeric characters
  • Ensure that the offending items have suitable aliases in place, not too long, no non-alpha numeric characters 
  • clear the 3rd party caches

These modifications often fix the problem but if the problem still persists I do the following:

A news item can have intro text and main text. I always make sure there is some text in both text areas, this causes a "read more" link to appear on the BLOG page. For some unknown reason this appears to be beneficial to reducing the occurrence of this error. I don't know why.

Finally if it still occurs then you need to copy the content from the offending article and create a new article of the same name, remember to unpublish the old.

When the article appears as it should, turn the page cacheing back on. The above is not definitive but try each and see. It might help.




Mycontent 1.1.13

The same problem has been occurring when I've been using Joomla 1.0.15 and the myContent Component! version: 1.1.13 to enter new content from the front end. I have a module,  mod_latest_created_updated_date which shows a list of the most recently Created or Updated Content Items.

This module works correctly for any item created using the 'normal' methods displaying each item and linking across. However, when you create a content item using mycontent the link shown by mod_latest_created_updated_date shows :
"You are not authorised to view this resource You need to login"

All the new links shown by this module created using mycontent were adversely affected.

I have tried to analyse the content, the URL's generated but initially no solution found. Then I looked into the Artio configuration: and tried to find something that might affect the problem, I changed this
config. item.

Do not remove SID from SEF URL? to 'yes', purged the SEF URLs,  I also purged the Joomla caches and the Artio Cache.
Then the problem seemed to go away. What I had done was remove the existing SEF URLs. Changing the Artio parameter had nothing to do with it.

What I found was that there is a minor bug in MyContent which is perpetuated in Artio JoomSEF.

When MyContent creates a new content item it uses the incorrect item id. Joomla has an item id for all content, modules &c. When Mycontent creates a new content item it picks up the default item id for the mycontent component rather than for the content item category. It assigns the itemid to the URL of the content item.

Once an item has been created with the wrong item id Artio creates a SEF URL for the newly created item with the incorrect itemid and stores it in its database.

When a visitor clicks on the link Artio SEF finds the equivalaent SEF URL in it's database but as it has the mycontent item id it doesn't work. A quick work around is to remove the original SEF URLs generated by Artio by purging the SEF URLs everytime you create a new article using mycontent. Although this works it is cumbersome and defeats the whole point of having mycontent in the front end.

It is not Artio's fault but that of MyContent so we need to fix it.

A quick change to the Mycontent component PHP code forcing it to use the static content itemid is another workaround (which is what I did) but the MyContent component really needs a permanent fix. 

<form name="newContentForm" style="margin: 10px 0px;" action="<?php echo sefRelToAbs('index.php?option=
com_content&task=new&Itemid=117'); ?>" method="POST">

This worked for me to fix the old  "You are not authorised to view this resource" error message encountered on Joomla 1.0. 

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Last Updated ( Thursday, 08 July 2010 )
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