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HTML clipboardLightQuick has created a US version of the Goodwood Antiques targetted directly to US customers that want to buy in US dollars. The US market is potentially the largest market in the world for any product so it makes sense to focus upon this sector with a unique and targetted site. The US site can be found at HTML clipboard
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JFotostack Portfolio 1.0
Licence GNU/LGPL
Language English
Size 1.94 MB
System Joomla 1.0/Joostina 1.2
Created 2012-01-17
Downloads 298

JFotostack Portfolio - a stacking and linking image gallery module for Joomla 1.0.15

jfotostack-example.jpgAn image gallery with a difference - images are shown as a series of clickable photographs stacked on top of each other. Images are easily grouped under a specific album by simply uploading your images into the appropriate album folder. You can see it in action on the front page of this site.

Album folders are located under the modules default folder: mod_jphotostack/tmpl/albums. The albums are named album1, album2... album15.  Upload a different group of images into each folder and then each album will display a different selection. The module comes with four albums enabled and populated by default. Just replace the images with your own.

A maximum of fifteen separate albums can be added to the slideshow. You can enable or disable each album as you require. Each album has its own thumbnail image in a common thumbnail folder  mod_jphotostack/tmpl/albums/thumbnails. Upload your thumbnails to this folder. The examples include a small thumbnail and a larger version for the pop-up.

The finished module should be placed in an inset position such so it appears across the top of the page. The module layout is generally horizontal rather than vertical so it best suited to a horizontally orientated position.

JFotostack Portfolio is based upon JPhotostack by Shaon Bahadur available from This new version has been modified to provide a lot more configuration options than Shaon's original. Also, Jphotostack was a gallery tool whereas JFotostack Portfolio is aimed at providing a portfolio tool that can link to another page. The new version was created by Dean Beedell of LightQuick but all credit goes to Shaon Bahadur for creating the original javascript that has largely been left untouched except for a few bugfixes and added functionality.

What are the differences? The original was simply a very pretty image gallery but this version has been modified to provide more configuration options so you can now specify the thumbnail size, the placement, width and number of galleries shown as well as the size of the stacked images in the gallery. The module also provides a configurable pop-up when you hover over the thumbnail complete with image and you can alter the position of the navigation buttons. The latest version will also allow you to link each gallery to an internal/external page allowing the module to act as a linking portfolio as well as an image gallery.

This is one of a few modules and mambots available from LightQuick that can be found here. We hope you enjoy using them. It has been designed specifically for Joomla 1.0.15/ Joostina 1.2 (ONLY). It does not work on Joomla 1.5... so don't try!  

The reason I created this is to provide a pretty portfolio tool under Joomla 1.0.15 that is easily configurable and quick to display/operate. You can see an example of it working on the front page of this site. It has been tested on on Firefox and IE, Opera and Safari. I will create a J1.5 version sometime soon.

Final reminder - this module may not work in Joomla 1.5 + not even in legacy mode but you are welcome to give it a try.
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