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Steampunk Orrery

The Steampunk Orrery widget provides a daily memorandum function via a truly steampunk interface. Select a date via the calendar ring, click the date shown and you can enter a memo or reminder.

Volume Widget

The steampunk volume widget allows you to control the volume of your Mac/Windows PC via a simple slider and mute button. This widget is also available for the Xwidget engine.

Widget Vault

This widget acts as an 'AppStore' listing all the best steampunk widgets that are available. The information is extracted using RSS feeds and all our steampunk widgets will all be available to download.

Clock Widget

A Steampunk fully working ticking clock/calendar widget which can be moved around your desktop looking very steampunk. It tells the date/time in digital and analogue format with a swinging pendulum

Weather Widget

A steampunk weather desktop widget that displays local air pressure, temperature and humidity, as well as the general weather outlook in hundreds of cities around the world.

Thermionic Widget

Thermionic valves were created in the 1870s and started to find practical application by the early 1900s, it is not too much of a stretch of the imagination to see them in use on Victorian widgetry.

Weird Clock

This is an old-fashioned wood, glass, steel and brass Yahoo Widget designed to appeal to the steampunk mind, I suggest it might be a useful addition to your desktop. Keeps good time!

Earth Widget

I do hope you like the Steampunk Rotating Earth Globe Widget. This Konfabulator/ yahoo widget provides a simple rotating globe that can rotate at two speeds.

Moon Phases

A fully working yahoo widget and it can be moved around your desktop looking very steampunk indeed. It displays a beautiful moon globe that you can resize at will and that will display through the phases according to any date supplied.

Resource Monitor

The Resource Monitor is a Yahoo widget that runs on your desktop behind all your applications so it does not interfere with your day to day computer functionality. It displays cpu, memory, wireless and battery information as well as drive usage.

Under Widget

The Steampunk Underwidget is a 24hr clock that sits on your steampunk desktop looking as if it is part of that desktop. The underwidget is designed to work with the Steampunk Timekeeper Orrery MkII that has a transparent glass middle section.

CPU/GPU Thermometers

This is the Steampunk temperature gauge that monitors your computer's cpu and gpu temperatures, providing alarms and access to utilities that monitor your computers cpu usage and memory. This is a Yahoo widget.

Weathered Clock

This is a lovely old clock, resizable, that sits on your desktop, moveable, slidable and dragable. New version. Tells time in an old-fashioned way. Can be made to perform any o/s command line function. Download and install in the usual way.

Nixie Widget

This is the steampunk thermionic nixie tube Yahoo widget. The widget is a nice bit of steampunk and it will look good on your desktop. The widget is fully resizable for your desktop.

U Boat Widget

This is the dieselpunk U Boat Stopwatch Yahoo widget. The widget is a nice bit of dieselpunk and it will look good on any desktop. It also functions as real stopwatch.