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Steampunk Desktop Widgets

This site is dedicated to provide interesting downloads, mainly Steampunk widgets for Xwidget, Rainmeter, Yahoo Widgets and KDE Plasma engines as well as wallpapers and icons. Please feel free to download and use any of these on your Windows or Linux system. Simply download the widgets for the widget engine of your choice and have fun. They are all entirely free.
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Steampunk Orrery

The Steampunk Orrery widget provides a daily memorandum function via a truly steampunk interface. Select a date via the calendar ring, click the date shown and you can enter a memo or reminder.

Volume XWidget

The steampunk volume widget allows you to control the volume of your Windows PC via a simple slider and mute button. This widget is designed for the Xwidget engine.

Widget Vault

This widget acts as an 'AppStore' listing all the best steampunk widgets that are available. The information is extracted using RSS feeds and all our steampunk widgets will all be available to download.

Clock Widget

A Steampunk fully working ticking clock/calendar widget which can be moved around your desktop looking very steampunk. It tells the date/time in digital and analogue format with a swinging pendulum

Weather Widget

A steampunk weather desktop widget that displays local air pressure, temperature and humidity, as well as the general weather outlook in hundreds of cities around the world.

Thermionic Widget

Thermionic valves were created in the 1870s and started to find practical application by the early 1900s, it is not too much of a stretch of the imagination to see them in use on Victorian widgetry.

Weird Clock

This is an old-fashioned wood, glass, steel and brass Yahoo Widget designed to appeal to the steampunk mind, I suggest it might be a useful addition to your desktop. Keeps good time!

Earth Widget

I do hope you like the Steampunk Rotating Earth Globe Widget. This Konfabulator/ yahoo widget provides a simple rotating globe that can rotate at two speeds.

Moon Phases

A fully working yahoo widget and it can be moved around your desktop looking very steampunk indeed. It displays a beautiful moon globe that you can resize at will and that will display through the phases according to any date supplied.

Resource Monitor

The Resource Monitor is a Yahoo widget that runs on your desktop behind all your applications so it does not interfere with your day to day computer functionality. It displays cpu, memory, wireless and battery information as well as drive usage.

Under Widget

The Steampunk Underwidget is a 24hr clock that sits on your steampunk desktop looking as if it is part of that desktop. The underwidget is designed to work with the Steampunk Timekeeper Orrery MkII that has a transparent glass middle section.

CPU/GPU Thermometers

This is the Steampunk temperature gauge that monitors your computer's cpu and gpu temperatures, providing alarms and access to utilities that monitor your computers cpu usage and memory. This is a Yahoo widget.

Weathered Clock

This is a lovely old clock, resizable, that sits on your desktop, moveable, slidable and dragable. New version. Tells time in an old-fashioned way. Can be made to perform any o/s command line function. Download and install in the usual way.

Nixie Widget

This is the steampunk thermionic nixie tube Yahoo widget. The widget is a nice bit of steampunk and it will look good on your desktop. The widget is fully resizable for your desktop.

U Boat Widget

This is the dieselpunk U Boat Stopwatch Yahoo widget. The widget is a nice bit of dieselpunk and it will look good on any desktop. It also functions as real stopwatch.
The Thunderchild prior to battle.

Some more War of the worlds imagery, a render that was not shown here before: The Thunderchild prior to battle. Complete with music. Officionados of Jeff Wayne's War of the worlds music will appreciate this.

I don't think I ever managed to post this version here before, a reinterpretation of HG Wells/Jeff Wayne's thunderchild. Just a render of a scene with some animation tools used to make the scene come to life. No real animation yet of the Tripods nor the ship but some nicely performed music added to give the scene some depth and emotional appeal.

An image will do as a taster:


The video was a germ of an idea, a low res short period-shot movie based on 2D and 3D models. Note the low quality period-film effect is deliberate, there are a few errors, long range smoke visibility and the prow of the steam packet but please ignore these.


We were originally thinking about a kickstarter to get it off the ground. A very short film sequence, a couple of minutes long, Pathe-news style, sound effects, moody music, somewhat similar to the more moody bits in this Jeff Wayne reinterpretation. What do you think?

Whether or not it will develop is all down to time (and money) It is quite difficult to make progress on a project unofficially unless it is all done by one man and that simply takes a lot of time. If it was real project with defined goals, cash to spend &c it could be done relatively much quicker.

The idea was that it would start on a sailor's desktop with orders requiring his immediate return to ship for sailing, the scene would then zoom into the photo on the desktop and then it would come alive and open to the scene of the Thunderchild in action against the Martians.

The date was to be 1921-25, the time of the second Martian invasion where they come equipped with the same technology (realising the overwhelming superiority of their machinery) but fitted with bacteriological filters allowing them to survive in Earth's germ-laden atmosphere. This time they come in fewer numbers having almost exhausted their resources in the first invasion and of course, this time the human defences are better-prepared. In this timeline we get to see Thunderchild II in action. Anyhow, that was the vague idea.

We also had an idea of an old stamp album showing this stamp with the following description:

steampunk_martian_stamp_ico.png"This is a stamp created by Eric Gill in 1924 for the British Empire Exhibition with the emergency overprint "under martian rule" for a set of stamps which were produced in that portion of the British Isles still allowed to function - whilst operating under the yoke of the Martian Empire subsequent to the second Martian invasion in 1925.

Not many items survive from this period and this is reflected in the condition of the stamp. The bottom right hand corner is severely burnt as the stamp was recovered from the remains of Plymouth Post Office destroyed during the battle for the Tamar Bridge at Saltash. Approximate value £26 guineas."

Version 2.0 of the Steampunk Weather Widget is released

In the latest Steampunk Weather Widget, version 2.0.0 the following changes have been made: main features are full Romanian(!) translation (as an example) the ability to add ICAO metar codes manually so if you know your own ICAO location just type in the code. You can increase the size of the widget, lots of bugs fixed, reskinned the location selection box, added many new graphical elements, reduced the overhead of running the widget, improved the code in general and documented it with full online help.

Newest version,

To view the widget in operation

The widget in operation

This Widget will install and run on Windows XP/Win7/Win8 and 10 and also Mac OS/X prior to El Kapitan. Download Yahoo widgets and install it. You must have Yahoo widgets installed in order to run the widget as that is how the widget has been designed (all programs require a runtime engine and Yahoo widgets is the runtime engine that allows these javascrript widgets to be displayed on your desktop).

Simply download and install the Yahoo widget engine here, run it.

When this is done, download the widget. Your computer will know what to do with the widget and it will install automatically.

yahoo-widgets-logo.pngYou will  need Yahoo widgets for this widget to run. Get Yahoo widgets here.  

 This widget is written in Javascript and XML, two web technologies, which are used by the Yahoo widget runtime engine to display on your desktop. There are other engines but this widget is capable of running under the Yahoo widget engine only.

Widget Startup

When the weather widget starts it will search via the internet for the default feed selected. If found, the Widget will display the weather information. The default location is London Heathrow. There may be a wait for 15-30 seconds whilst the widget first pulls in the weather feed. Note: if you do not have an internet connection the weather widget cannot obtain weather information.



Instructions for use

The weather indicators and controls of your widget are as shown above. The widget has a number of graphical controls. You can identify the function of each working component by hovering the mouse over each. A pop-up will show giving you a description.

Choosing the Metar data location

When you select to change your location a pop-up will appear giving you the option to type your location. Choose a location near to you that will be providing METAR weather data. For example in the South Coast of the UK you might choose Gatwick Airport. If you choose a local airport or aerodrome you are most likely to find a METAR weather feed.  If you know your nearest ICAO code then flick the location/ICAO switch to allow you to enter the four-letter code manually.

Once you are done click the SET switch or the magnifying glass, it will search for the icao code and if found return the possible locations. If you use a common location name then it is quite likely that a number of possible locations will be returned.



The Steampunk Orrery goes Linux!
At last someone has created a version of the Steampunk Orrery for Linux. It wasn't me I am afraid - so I can't claim responsibility for the coding. The developer 'joker' has used my graphics and my design but enhanced the javascript functionality in respect of the planetary movement and the co-ordination of the various components to take adavntage of the increased levels of animation available to plasmoids.

A very good job I say...

calendar.pngThe Steampunk Orrery requires the Plasmoids widget engine and the Marble Virtual Globe plugin is required for the widget to function. At the moment the instructions to install and operate are very sparse. Howver, if you are a linux user then you are generally more technically aware than a standard Windows user so hopefully you will be able to make this work for yourself. As I test the new widget (if I am able) I will create some documentation to allow more naive users to attempt the installation. Have a look at the widget instructions here. Download the widget from here.

The video is available to view here now at Vimeo : and at youtube



If any of you are Linux users and use the KDE desktop, please can you help me test the recently published Steampunk Orrery Plasmoid?
Let me know how you get on and what you had to do to get the thing installed. I have not yet been able to test as I am on my hols in the sunny IoW and when I get back the only machine I have available to test will be a Linux Mint 1ghz single core laptop. Such Unix/Linux skills that I have are also very rusty...

Any help testing would be really appreciated. 

Steampunk Volume XWidget finally out...

I've just completed the Steampunk Volume XWidget and dropped it into my gallery, submitted it to a few groups. Now time to sit back and see if anyone likes it. It is a straight conversion from the Yahoo widget code keeping the two as similar as possible so they can both be updated/debugged in parallel. The code is remarkably similar and the two widgets work in a very similar fashion, though the code I have written is not necessarily the correct way of doing things for a Xwidget. The main problem seems to be that the Xwidgets lack any real documentation so it is a real pain to figure out how to do things. Also a lot of nice functionality is missing in Xwidgets that I am used to in the Yahoo Widget Engine/Konfabulator. The GUI for Xwidgets is slick in parts and bleedin' awful in others. I often found that the GUI simply got in the way and I ended up using my text editor of choice 'Context' to make the changes I needed. In my opinion the GUI has a long way to go before it can be considered usable for serious development of widgets.

These are some things that Xwidget engine currently lacks the ability to do:

Creating modifying menu items within javascript
Forcing a widget to reload in code
Including external script - not possible
Changing the dock icon dynamically
Making the GUI code editor fonts much smaller/configurable
Playing a sound continuously and asynchronously is not possible
Transparent areas of PNGs have no mouse click-through
Highlighting long lines causes phantom code duplication in the IDE

xwidget-popup.pngIn reality though, I am really impressed with the amount of work that the two (?) developers have done. The product works - it creates real desktop widgets and provides an environment in which to create them. The list of functions that the language supports goes on and on, and you can use VBscript or Javascript notation in the code. I may have sounded critical but I am in awe of the quality of the product that they have delivered. It is usable - it just needs a lot of tidying up.

The Xwidget engine is under continuing development so it feels nice to be working with a tool that isn't out-of-date and obsolete for a change.

My only concern with Xwidget development is that the documentation has been created as a an afterthought and due to this there are great big gaps in the user group's knowledge that can only be filled by getting responses from the developers. While the devs are out coding for new platforms they don't always have the time to answer all the many questions on the forums, often leaving us poor users in the lurch when we have questions to be answered... Hopefully things will improve here.

Steampunk WOTW Thunderchild Desktop Render

An imagined steampunk desktop. This uses a new image created by my alter-self Orlok, the image is the Torpedo Ram Thunderchild from HG Wells' marvellous book "War of the Worlds" plus a few typical desktop items to create a theme of sorts.

















You can download this here at Rocketdock:


The protaganist's desktop is covered with items that indicate that he is about to flee. The necessary money is to hand and reports of the Martians indicate that their technology is superior - and that they are winning the War.

The Thunderchild image is taken from a forthcoming CGI rendered video that will be ready to display soon. Imagine, if you will, the scene zooming in upon the photograph and the thunderchild coming to life in the photo frame. Zooming further in we are transported into the actual battle itself.

You can see a quick 'n dirty render here:

or simply click on the youtube play button below:



 There will be updates soon so keep an eye on the same channel.



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Steampunk Yahoo Widget

How about something special for the weekend sir?

something special for the weekend sir

Lightquick have a nice little Yahoo widget for you to download. Click on either image.

Do you need a stamp with that madam?

Steampunk Stamp Widget


Steampunk Widget Downloads

Download the Steampunk Weather Widget MkII here

Steampunk Weather Widget MkII 2.0.3

Downloads: 4047
Avg. Rating:

Download the Steampunk Media Player Yahoo Widget here

Steampunk Media Player Yahoo Widget 1.0.6 RC

Downloads: 306
Avg. Rating:

Download the Regulator Clock XWidget here

Regulator Clock XWidget 1.0.0

Downloads: 321
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Download the Panzer Clock and Stopwatch Yahoo Widget here

Panzer Clock and Stopwatch Yahoo Widget 1.0.0

Downloads: 232
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Download the U-Boat Dual Time Clock Yahoo Widget here

U-Boat Dual Time Clock Yahoo Widget 1.0.3

Downloads: 301
Avg. Rating:

Download the Steampunk Weathered Clock Yahoo Widget here

Steampunk Weathered Clock Yahoo Widget 1.0

Downloads: 426
Avg. Rating:

Download the XWidget SDK and Engine for Windows here

XWidget SDK and Engine for Windows 1.9.3

Downloads: 551
Avg. Rating:

Download the Steampunk Thermionic Nixie Tube widget here

Steampunk Thermionic Nixie Tube widget 1.0

Downloads: 599
Avg. Rating:

Download the Steampunk Underwidget here

Steampunk Underwidget 0.3

Downloads: 1599
Avg. Rating:

Download the Steampunk Moon Phase Widget here

Steampunk Moon Phase Widget 0.9

Downloads: 1931
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Download the Widget Vault - A Steampunk Widget Appstore here

Widget Vault - A Steampunk Widget Appstore

Downloads: 1476
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Download the Steampunk Rotating Earth Widget here

Steampunk Rotating Earth Widget 1.0

Downloads: 2367
Avg. Rating:

Download the Steampunk Volume XWidget here

Steampunk Volume XWidget 1.0.4

Downloads: 1497
Avg. Rating:

Download the Steampunk Orrery Plasmoid Widget for Linux Ku... here

Steampunk Orrery Plasmoid Widget for Linux Ku...

Downloads: 931
Avg. Rating:

Download the Weird Steampunk Clock Yahoo Widget here

Weird Steampunk Clock Yahoo Widget 1.2

Downloads: 2009
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Download the Steampunk Orrery XWidget here

Steampunk Orrery XWidget 0.1

Downloads: 1328
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Download the Steampunk Orrery Rainmeter Skin here

Steampunk Orrery Rainmeter Skin 0.1

Downloads: 1520
Avg. Rating:

Download the Steampunk Resource Monitor Widget here

Steampunk Resource Monitor Widget ver 1.0.2

Downloads: 5315
Avg. Rating:

Download the Jupiter Planetary Desktop Widget here

Jupiter Planetary Desktop Widget 1.0.1

Downloads: 1387
Avg. Rating:

Download the Steampunk Clock Widget here

Steampunk Clock Widget ver 1.2

Downloads: 2435
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Download the Joomla Multi-Site Status Steampunk Yahoo Widg... here

Joomla Multi-Site Status Steampunk Yahoo Widg...

Downloads: 489
Avg. Rating:

Download the Yahoo Widget SDK and Runtime Engine for Windo... here

Yahoo Widget SDK and Runtime Engine for Windo...

Downloads: 3655
Avg. Rating:

Download the Steampunk Orrery Calendar Clock Yahoo Widget here

Steampunk Orrery Calendar Clock Yahoo Widget

Downloads: 7632
Avg. Rating:

Download the Cyberpunk Yahoo thermionic nixie tube valve w... here

Cyberpunk Yahoo thermionic nixie tube valve w...

Downloads: 8774
Avg. Rating:

Download the British Penny Red Stamp Widget here

British Penny Red Stamp Widget 1.0.1

Downloads: 710
Avg. Rating:

Download the Steampunk CPU / GPU temperature monitor Yahoo... here

Steampunk CPU / GPU temperature monitor Yahoo...

Downloads: 13302
Avg. Rating:

Download the Steampunk Clock Calendar Yahoo Widget here

Steampunk Clock Calendar Yahoo Widget 2.8

Downloads: 18982
Avg. Rating:

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