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Weird Steampunk Clock Yahoo Widget 1.2
Licence GNU/GPL
Language English
Size 996 KB
System Windows/Mac/Android/IOS
Created 2013-03-24
Downloads 1752

This is an old-fashioned wood, glass, steel and brass Yahoo Widget designed to appeal to the steampunk mind, I suggest it might be a useful addition to your desktop. This slightly wierd clock will keep good time using a human-friendly steampunk interface. The Weird Steampunk Clock Yahoo Widget is a Yahoo widget that runs on your desktop behind all your applications so it does not interfere with your day to day computer functionality. I hope you think it is fun as well as being very useful. This widget was created using the combined skills of myself and Harry Whitfield. I do the graphics and the code, Harry just makes me do it better the second time round.

steampunk-weird-clock.pngThis widget is eminently usable on windows and Mac OS/X.


The widget functionality is self-explanatory, tinker with it and you will soon get to grips with it.

You will, yahoo-widgets-logo.png of course, need Yahoo widgets for this widget to run. Get Yahoo widgets here.   

and the Mac version here:

Full help is available on this widget here at this location.Help available here

Download the widget - it will install automatically.

This widget works with Windows XP SP3, it has been tested on Vista Home, Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit, Windows 8 and 10,  also Mac OS/X and it should work on all these with no problems whatsoever.

This is just one more of over 250 steampunk widgets and icons that I have created over the last year. Each will leave your Windows or Mac desktop looking absolutely spiffing. There is a whole set of the little thingies and I must say they do look very steampunk indeed! It will spruce up your desktop and give it a bit of Victorian class.

weird-widget.gifThe only condition for downloading and using is that you donate something, no matter how small, a beer or just leave feedback. Please leave a message and rate the widget as it is the only payment I get for creating this small desktop addition :D

Thanks! Do enjoy the widget.

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llexandro wrote on April 29, 2013
Title: ...
very nice new clock widget !! i like all of your work on this site and at ...
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Boffin Bunker wrote on April 05, 2013
Title: Loved the steampunk widgets for desktop, but now...
I loved the Steampunk clock widget for my desk I want them (or something very similar) for my new Steampunk google blog, well at least one of the clocks. A quick look on google blog gadgets I found nothing & certainly nothing which holds a candle near as stylish as your widgets.
I hope you don't mind but I will blog a link to this page & a tweet or two
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Александр wrote on March 25, 2013
Title: 10905030
Очень все понравилось ! Спасибо !
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