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Virtuemart 1.1.9 Product / item specific coupon codes VM 1.1.9
Licence GNU/GPL
Language English
Size 12.82 KB
System Joomla 1.5
Created 2013-05-05
Downloads 145

This Virtuemart 1.1.9 extension allows you to create coupon codes that can be tied to specific products. For example, you have an item on sale in your shop at £5 - SKU spade01 with product id of 35. You can create a discount coupon of £4.99 which is tied to that specific product id (35). Entering the coupon code will discount only spade01, any other product will not receive the discount. When spade01 is removed from the cart then the discount coupon is coupon-codes.jpgalso removed. (The end result is that the product is then sold at £0.01, virtually free but the 1 penny cost allows the payment modules to recognise the sale as being valid)

The standard coupon functionality (gift/permanent coupons) is retained but the functionality is significantly improved by these changes. This additional functionality is missing from standard Virtuemart 1.1.9 It is absolutely essential functionality. In my opinion it should be part of core VM.

This is based upon some VM 1.1 changes found at this location: . All I have done is wrap them up and made them ready for installation under VM 1.1.9 These changes are presented to you now for your Virtuemart 1.1 shop. The changes may well work on older and newer versions of Virtuemart but they are untested on anything other than VM 1.1.9, there is a VM 1.1.2 version here:

The Virtuemart 1.0.15 version is here 

This is a change /hack to core VM. You cannot install it using the standard Joomla installation utility. The following files will need to be changed/ replaced with the files contained in this zipfile.


This is a very safe modification to do, if you do not understand php / sql do not proceed and even if you do, it is always best to backup your installation and database. It is an easy to job to backup your whole site. If you need help then contact us and you can engage us to explain how.

When the above files have been replaced then some Database changes are required. Using MyPHP admin from your control panel add the following fields to the table jos_vm_coupons:

     product_id, user_id, min_value, discount_type

The SQL commands you must type are:

     ALTER table jos_vm_coupons ADD product_id text
     ALTER table jos_vm_coupons ADD user_id text
     ALTER table jos_vm_coupons ADD min_value text
     ALTER table jos_vm_coupons ADD discount_type text

All of the fields should be text type. All of them should have default value as null and should be nullable.

If you want to see the coupon functionality in action it can be seen here:

There are 'free gifts' which have coupon codes tied to them. Bear this in mind this is a LIVE site.

The Virtuemart 1.0.15 version is here


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