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U-Boat Dual Time Clock Yahoo Widget 1.0.3
Language English
Size 3.07 MB
System Windows
Created 2015-12-07
Downloads 128

This is the Konfabulator/Yahoo widget that I created with the assistance of Cannuckenken/kjc66 who provided the idea and the initial imagery and Harry Whitfield who sorted out my coding adding elegance and functionality to my primitive coding attempts.


It was originally a functional duplicate of Kjc66's original clock but the widget has now advanced graphically and moved on. It is now fundamentally different but keeps the same underlying style. Kjc66's design was also an Xwidget. This one is a Yahoo widget and runs using the Konfabulator engine. Kjc66's was a dual clock, mine is a dual clock and stop watch with resizing capability.

You can find Kjc66's Xwidget here -…




Kjc66 was working creating this clock using the Xwidget engine and while he was working on his own changes I just decided to knock it up for the Konfabulator Yahoo widget engine just to see how easy it is to build a clock for Xwidget and Yahoo widget. It turns out that the process is MUCH easier in the Xwidget engine.

For the Yahoo widget engine all the logic is done in XML and javascript code, in the Xwidget version there is no code required at all if you use Xwidgets built-in functions, timer, rotators &c.


What graphical changes did I make from the original Xwidget?

Whereas the Xwidget version does everything using core functions in the Xwidget IDE, the Yahoo widget does it all in javascript code. This code had to be written by hand.

o Took a new dial face from the web.
o Created new hands with textures and depth.
o Re-created the top right dial from scratch.
o Re-created and relocated the bottom left mini-dial.
o Added new shadows and reflections to give more depth and brightness to the face.
o Added new shadows on the hands.
o Made a completely new take on the rim.
o Added about us image with links and credits
o Minor fixes to numbers and background.
o Added three mini gauges. 
o Stopwatch functionality added.
o Added menus and licence code.
o Added zooming in/out via the use of Ctrl+Mousewheel.
o In the logic more accurate timekeeping with a smoothflow second hand.
o Added lists and logic for a number of the major timezones
o Updated security image
o Updated dock image
o Ability to switch between two timezones.
o Adding Daylight Savings Time code
o Hot spots for triggering the stop watch added.
o There are now two main dial faces that you can switch between.
o Correction of the menu items.
o Update the online help to display the widget functionality.

Not a lot of changes but they all take time to complete. This was a learning process rather than a conversion process just to create another widget. I have seen how Xwidget handles registration points, image rotation and shadows.


o Sounds to be added and sound control.



All credit to kjc66 for his inspiration and the work he has done to find the original source clock from Itala Fontana, he recovered some of the major numbers, built the two small dials to create the whole concept. I used his PNGs as the base and added to that. I could have used the original image from Italo Fontana but it would have meant a fair bit of extra work so using Kjc66's parts allowed me to build a working widget much quicker. Credit to kjc66 for his work and to Italo Fontana for making the original design - the real clock that goes on a wrist.

Thanks also to kjc66 for the inspiration to make me start presenting my widgets in a more dramatic fashion too!

Here is just one more of over 500 steampunk icons and widgets that I have created that will leave your Windows or Mac desktop looking absolutely spiffing. There is a whole set of the little thingies and I must say they do look very steampunk indeed! They really are a suitable replacement for the boring old default icons that come with Rocketdock/ObjectDock &c.

You will,  of course, need the Konfabulator engine for this widget to run. Get the Yahoo widget Konfabulator engine here.   

and the Mac version here:

All javascript widgets need an engine to function, in this case the widget uses the Konfabulator widget engine. The engine interprets Instructions for the U-Boat widgetuboat-prpomo-250.pngthe javascript and creates the widget according to the XML description and using the images you provide.

yahoo-widgets-logo.pngThis widget works with Windows XP SP3, it has been tested on Vista, Windows 7/8  and 10. There is full help for this widget to be found here .



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