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Steampunk Weather Widget MkII 2.0.3
Licence GNU/GPL
Language English
Size 4.2 MB
System Windows
Created 2016-07-13
Downloads 4047

Weather reporting the steampunk way!


This is our steampunk contribution to weather reporting - this time the MKII version. The Steampunk weather widget is based on our previous Digistation widget but now with a completely new feed and logic.

The old widget took a feed from the meteorological centre in Rumania. That feed occasionally goes off-line and recently went down for over a week. To cater for this I created a widget with an alternative feed. This one takes its feed from

The two feeds are quite different and not interchangeable so it has required this totally new widget. The old weather widget is here .

Note: This widget runs in XP/Vista/Windows 7, Windows 8-10 and Mac OS/X prior to El Kapitan.

Note also that this widget is beta and there are a still a few bugs to iron out, your feedback on these appreciated.


Full instructions for the Steampunk Weather Widget are here: bookbrownishjournal.png

You will, yahoo-widgets-logo.png of course, need Yahoo widgets for this widget to run. Get Yahoo widgets here.   

and the Mac version here:

Latest version includes the following changes :

// .10 changed the weather feed to
// .10 changed the icao lookup to a local data file rather than a http request
// .10 changed the city lookup to a local data file rather than a http request
// .10 added raw metar data read (partially implemented and tested, currently unused)
// .10 added day/night script to test the sunset/sunrise
// .10 added read of XML data instead of raw metar data
// .10 added various alerts on icao input failures
// .10 added length check for input icao codes
// .10 added humidity calculation
// .10 added calculation of wx weather codes
// .10 added decode of cloud cover information
// .10 expanded the tooltip information displayed, cloud, windspeed and precipitation
// .10 added facebook menu option
// .10 added F5 to refresh
// .10 added animation to data generation to make it clearer that an update has occurred
// .10 added the hands animation when the feed has updated
// .10 added the search for secondary metar sky_condition attributes
// .10 removed trailing spaces from copy/pasted icao codes longer than 4 characters
// .10 improved the structure, created metar.js and functions.js, filled them...
// .10 when an empty icao code is entered it searches... it should not - fixed
// .10 added logic to handle the wx weather data instead of just receiving the weather codes
// .10 added handling of second cloud layer in tooltip reporting
// .10 added the test for light or heavy conditions
// .10 added weather type to the tooltip
// .10 use night and day boolean to change the icon
// .10 added consideration of three cloud layers rather than just one
// .10 take into account all the weather icons and adjust weather logic
// .10 hail and snow - add logic to display the icon
// .10 create new icons for thunderstorms
// .10 add sentence case to location text
// .10 added showers in the vicinity translation of wx codes
// .10 fog add the bars , 1 2 and 3 as a separate icon on top of the cloud icon
// .10 add exotic icon on top of the current icon if wind strong
// .10 add wind icon on top of the current icon if wind strong
// .10 add wind direction
// .10 added wind report using the beaufort scale
// .10 fixed an valid city search on an icao code search returning no data alert issues
// .10 added pop-up for weather
// .10 added options for the weather pop-up for hover or permanent display.
// .10 added options for the weather pop-up for display of the time
// .10 added handling of rain showers
// .10 add switch from imperial to metric measurements ft/knots are not imperial
// .10 romanian tooltip translations added to lang files
// .10 css errors on the tooltip corrected
// .10 provide romanian translations for preferences descriptions
// .10 provide romanian translations for preferences titles
// .10 fixed a problem in XP handling of SSL certificates by simply removing the https XML request
// .10 removed the advanced tooltip functionality, only required by Macs and hat engine is now defunct
// .10 allowed the locking pin to display on top of the gauge rim
// .10 fixed the resize and stopped the mini clock from resizing too.
// .10 sort the tooltip creation, spacing &c
// .10 added link to



This widget works with Windows XP SP3, it has  been tested on Vista, Windows 7 / 8-10 and Mac OS/X as long as the Yahoo Widget runtime engine is loaded.



SOFTPEDIA "100% CLEAN" AWARD This product was last tested in the Softpedia Labs on 13th of June 2013 by Alexandru Teodorovici . Softpedia guarantees that Steampunk Weather Widget 1.0.7 is 100% Clean, which means it does not contain any form of malware, including but not limited to: spyware, viruses, trojans and backdoors. 

May I please ask that if you enjoy using these widgets that you make your feelings known by leaving a positive review below. So few do so - and it is really appreciated when you do!

To view the widget in operation, click here:


 The weather widget in use on my desktop












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