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Steampunk CPU / GPU temperature monitor Yahoo Widget 1.0.1
Licence GNU/GPL
Size 4400 KB
System Windows
Created 2011-01-17
Downloads 13278

Widget - Actual size on your desktop! First of all, please be aware that this is a widget that is in beta. If you are going to download this widget then please tell me if it does not work on your machine here :


Note: This Yahoo widget requires speedfan to run. fan.pngWhy? scroll to the bottom to find out why. Get Speedfan here:

Note: This widget will continue to be supported regardless of the current state of yahoo widget engine support. It runs in XP/Vista/Windows 7, Windows 8 and Mac OS/X.

The thermometer will return valid temperatures initially one will be that of the GPU and one other sensor. However, the current version cannot guarantee it will start with the CPU temperature but it does its best! Due to the nature of the speedfan API it does not return names of sensors but just temperatures, so we have to do some guessing...

This is a widget and you will, yahoo-widgets-logo.png of course, need Yahoo widget engine for this widget to run. Get Yahoo widgets here. 

The latest fixes in 0.19 include :

0.19 Graphical bug, selecting new sensor sometimes causes the thermometer index to be overwritten
0.19 Graphical bug, the text sliders are written at the top of the page on startup
0.19 Added the frequency slider in seconds.
0.19 Added the memory and cpu gauges, piping and valves
0.19 Added the wheels behind the hot and warm sliders
0.19 Added the indents behind the hot and warm sliders right hand
0.19 Added the fahrenheit scale
0.19 Added the fahrenheit/centigrade selecter images
0.19 Extracted the centigrade scale to a separate image
0.19 Added the restart and mute toggles
0.19 Moved the Speedfan site button to the right
0.19 Added code to mute the sounds if disabled
0.19 Added code to kill restart speedfan if button pressed

The instructions are here . The instructions are here

Added several extra sensor names and ?, X or TEMP titles for the unknown sensor types, in XP - correctly identifies the sensors using the Speedfan config files and selects the appropriate sensor, lastly, now sets the tooltips so that they reflect the chosen sensor. Alarm clapper state saved to preferences, alarm slider vertical position values saved to preferences, allows you to change the sensor names displayed.

The code behind the steampunk thermometer allows the yahoo widget to be resized. It can now be made significantly smaller than the standard large size and it looks rather sweet in small form. Not everything will work after a resize though! The help canvas opens and the brass plaque provides an appropriate about us window.

This widget works with Windows XP SP3, it should work on all NT5 systems (Win 2000 and server 2003). Due to the extra security restrictions on NT6 systems (Vista, Win7) some functionality will be restricted on the later versions of windows. This is hopefully being fixed.

MAC users! - This widget has specific Windows functionality and although it will eventually work for Macs too it does not at the moment. If you have any problems please post your email queries to me here. Your post will go onto the blog and I will endeavour to answer them as soon as I can. 


You can see the widget in action here on youtube.


click to view the certificateSOFTPEDIA "100% CLEAN" AWARD This product was last tested in the Softpedia Labs on 22nd of June 2011 by Cosmin Anton. Softpedia guarantees that Steampunk CPU/GPU Thermometer Speedfan Widget 1.0.1 is 100% Clean, which means it does not contain any form of malware, including but not limited to: spyware, viruses, trojans and backdoors.  

 If you like the look of it please feel free to comment. If you have any comments7 whatsoever to make regarding the temperature monitor contact me here.

May I please ask that if you enjoy using these widgets that you make your feelings known by leaving a positive review below. So few do so - and it is really appreciated when you do!

fan.png* Speedfan  - why is it needed? The Windows operating system is meant to provide an interface to the motherboard and other components to provide system temperature information. Unfortunately it does not work well as there is no stable hardware specification for temperature sensors. The end result is that it is impossible for a widget can get the temperatures from all the myriad PC components in the world, so we have to resort to third party applications that can do it. The best of the bunch is a good piece of software called Speedfan. Speedfan is pretty good at extracting temperatures for almost all PCs so it is a fundamental requirement for this software to be installed for this widget to function. widget requires speedfan to run. Get Speedfan here:

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Trolovski wrote on June 17, 2012
Title: Awesome, can't wait for updates
I love your widgets. Can't wait for future version of this widget.
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Edward wrote on April 06, 2012
Title: LOVE IT
Love this thing...once I got Speedfan up and running, this widget worked. I understand its still in beta and will looking for the updates.

Cant waitto seewhat you come up with next...something akin to a system's monitor maybe?
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Wayne wrote on April 06, 2012
Title: Excellent
Just what every desktop needs a Steampunk CPU/GPU Thermometer ,everything is working fine on Windows 7 64 bit & Vista. Just install Speedfan & ready to go. Can't wait to see the printer working. Keep up the great work!

Thanks Yereverluvinunclebert.
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Woody wrote on April 06, 2012
Title: Love it !
Can't have too much steampunk, terrific graphics, love the animations. Nice way to dress up a boring windows desktop.

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Edward wrote on April 06, 2012
Title: Thinking along the same lines...
I like your gauge for each system monitored: CPU, RAM, the various extra drives (C, D, E, F, etc) Uptime, Battery, WIFI signal strength. I like the use of the lights on the thermometer widge, which could be used here in this application. Your disk gauges would display free space. I like the idea of the steam gauges and piping, maybe inlaid on a copper metal plate. The only alarms you would need are visual as the values don't change from machine to machine. CPU and RAM light values would be the opposite the disk and other monitors.

Food for thought...smilies/smiley.gif

EDIT: Your wish is my command

Edward, I will create just such a widget - give me some time though. Been having a chat with some other widget creators and they have given me some ideas on how to do it.

FYI - The thermometer will be updated to 0.20 within a day or three, new sound effect, new animation, will allow you to select the scale, plus some other stuff, possible resizing bugs fixed. Then I have to do the chart and it is daunting me. I'm putting it off!
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RB wrote on April 06, 2012
Title: Love it!
Brilliant idea, wonderfully done! Keep `em coming, please.
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Edward wrote on April 06, 2012
Title: Cool!
I can't wait to see what you have for the monitors (or modulators...) and will be looking for the updates on the thermometer. I'm presently using systemDashboard and systemBlox to get an analog feel. My blox are all needles, and the closest to steampunk I can get on the systemDashboard modules is to use gold chrome bezel rings...but their readouts are digital. And of course, they (systemDashboard) fill up the dock rather quickly.

As for the chart on the thermometer...I would most …recommend using the screen idea from the Calendar. i think it would be a little less memory intensive, though I don't know how much redesign that would entail. Just an idea on that...

Still...looking very much forward on seeing your next design as wel the updates.smilies/smiley.gif Great stuff!
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