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JDownloads selective downloads with thumbnails 1.0
Language English
Size 3.65 KB
System Joomla 1.0/Joostina 1.2
Author This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it
Website Homepage
Created 2012-04-30
Downloads 76

This is a jDownload module that works with JDownloads 1.2-1.4 under Joomla 1.0.15/Mambo or Joostina 1.2 +.

mod_jdownloads_selective.jpgIt simply displays a selected list of downloads with an image and a star rating. The reason this module was written was to carry the ratings over from a closed site. All our widgets were hosted on the Yahoo gallery and we had 75,000 downloads and high ratings for each widget. When the gallery closed we lost this good reputation and so we carried it over to Jdownloads whilst we host the files on our site.

Instructions for operation:

Basic operation is this - You simply enter the download id into a list separated by a comma, ie. 45, 86, 77, 85 and the module will display star ratings and thumbnail images for these downloads. You can also select categories in the same way.

This module can be easily installed and configured but the advanced functions will require more experience and access to the jdownloads database tables through PHPmyadmin. If you don't have experience in this area then this module is not for you.

To enable the rating functionality you will need to make some simple modifications. The jDownload database will require two new columns in the jos_downloads_files table to handle the star ratings. They are simple int(11) columns and are easy to add to the end of the table. 

The star rating is calculated from the total number of stars allocated divided by the number of times a rating has been left. This gives the average star rating. The ability to give a download a rating is not yet present in this module and  this functionality is also not present in jdownloads so at the moment this is just a display of existing ratings carried over form another site.

I will make changes to allow ratings a little later.

To display a thumbnail you must have a thumbnail location loaded into the thumbnails column of the jos_jdownloads_files table in the database. Ensure the associated image is 31 x 30 pixels in size. You must put the image location in manually through PHPmyadmin because jdownloads does not actually allow you to add this information via the back end, the field is basically unused.

If you don't want to make the above changes the above functionality can simply be turned off and the module will display the selected download and the number of downloads so far.

You can see it in operation on this site with the ratings enabled and the images showing.
Note: Download item id - The id for each item download is easily obtainable from the the Jdownloads back end. It is the first column in the file list. You can also obtain it from your jdownloads_files table and extract the id from that table.
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