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We have just started a contract to supply a site for The Marine Hotel Stonehaven. The new site will feature a friendly and welcoming Joomla template which will match the ambience of the Marine Hotel at The site will be easy to modify to ensure on-going costs are minimised. We know we will have a great time working with Robert Lindsay on the new site.
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Package 3 - £750 - This is our third and enhanced package for a professional, multiple page, highly functional and very good looking website. What does this package give you?

  •  15 page website
  •  Domain hosting setup
  •  Enhanced graphics
  •  Extended theme
  •  With sitemap
  •  Web optimisation
  •  Unique Web page icon
  •  On-line Shop
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The fifteen-page website is created for you using Joomla CMS. We will use our design skills to add a unique character to your site giving it the uniqueness which it deserves. It will have a totally bespoke look and feel completely in keeping with your corporate image. We will give you fifteen pages to customise as you see fit, containing any information and images you require. You will also be provided with a contact page and full training on how to change any of your pages in future. The optimisation we do is to make your site Search Engine Friendly (SEF). This will stand your site in good stead when you decide to go for a high page ranking and a Google Adwords campaign. The personal favicon is a little site improvement that differentiates your site from the rest, it gives you that little identifying icon that appears on your IE/Firefox tabs and in your bookmarks.

We will host the site on our servers for one year. This is a superb value option! What makes this site even better value is that it comes complete with a fully functional Virtuemart on-line shopping cart allowing you to start selling your products and services. 

The following demo site is a good example of a fifteen-paged site incorporating a Virtuemart Shop designed for a company selling French antiques and champagne racks.  

Goodwood Antiques is a small country antique business specialising in  good quality, practical antique furniture

We have just finished a new web shop for Goodwood Antiques at . The new shop features a Joomla CMS front-end using a traditional template from Joomlashack. The on-line shop is provided using the well known and respected integrated Joomla shopping cart, Virtuemart.


"Just wanted to say how pleased I am with the new website & shop you have built me for Goodwood Antiques. I can't believe how many more hits it's getting, compared to the old site; this must be due to the high organic listing you have achieved with the search engine friendly software. Thankfully it is extremely simple to edit and update, which is a godsend for us technophobes ! " - Tim Haworth, owner of Goodwood Antiques.

Goodwood Antiques has a unique product range focussing on champagne and wine racks. Goodwood Antiques is a small country antique business based in rural Oxfordshire. Goodwood antiques has been in existence for over 15 years working from our workshops in the quiet hamlet of North Moreton. Initially specialising in good quality, practical antique furniture they have since become the largest importer and restorers of Antique Champagne Racks in the country.

Click on the image below to be taken directly to Goodwood Antiques Online shop..


We use the following information on Goodwood Antiques Landing Page to ensure that the content is relevant to the google search terms likely to be used by the potential googling customer.  Search engine friendly tools are in place to ensure that Google finds Goodwood Antiques sites and places them on the top page of Google.

Keywords:  champagne racks, riddling racks, antiques, north moreton, oxfordshire, bear at home, pupitre, methode champenoise, french antiques.

Landing Page

The landing page is very important and must contain information relevant to the search term likely to be used Google. For Goodwood Antiques we used the following content.

Sourced from the cellars of French Champagne Houses

These old "riddling" racks can be used to hold almost any type of bottle, white or red wine, spirits, fine port or sherry, even Champagne! Available in sizes of 6, 10, 15, 20, 30, 60 or 120 bottles these characterful antique champagne racks will look stunning in any home. These 'méthode champenoise' racks are exclusive to Goodwood Antiques but now we are in a position to offer them to you at very reasonable prices.  You can order now by clicking on the buy now button and using your credit/ debit card to have a rack delivered to your home. Alternatively you can phone us on  +044 (0)1235 819125 to order directly from us.

6-bottle-rack_optimised.jpg 6 Bottle Champagne and Wine Rack:

This wall mounted rack is one tenth of an original solid oak panel, and is secured to the wall in two places. It holds 6 bottles, and is ideal if space is at a premium, or bottles need to be beyond the reach of small hands!

Please note this must be firmly secured to a solid wall.

Measurements (approx) 250mm wide x 100mm deep x 400mm high

Price £40

As a working example of how search engine optimisation works for Goodwood Antiques, cut and paste the following search term into the google search box on the left of this page or click on this link.

Champagne Racks

We are confident that a google search for this term will bring up at least two pages from Goodwood Antiques' site on Google's first page:The high ranking of Goodwood Antiques shows how well search engine optimisation works when applied correctly. Goodwood Antiques is assured that the majority of people searching for this product will be directed to Goodwood Antiques.

Search engine optimisation will work for your site too. With these enhancements in place your website's position in the top of the sponsored and natural listings is assured.


HTML clipboard holds original premium need epernay solid note mounted hands french secured places bottles firmly suitable course space wall wine reims small rack reach ideal bottle type champagne panel .



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Last Updated ( Sunday, 15 December 2013 )
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