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We have just started a contract to supply a site for The Marine Hotel Stonehaven. The new site will feature a friendly and welcoming Joomla template which will match the ambience of the Marine Hotel at The site will be easy to modify to ensure on-going costs are minimised. We know we will have a great time working with Robert Lindsay on the new site.
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Quad Fidelity, specialising in the restoration and repair of Vintage hi-fi audio equipment.

Quad Fidelity has a close relationship with LightQuick Web Design. We have recently created Quad Fidelity's main website using the Joomla Content Management System. Quad Fidelity has a working on-line shop created using the integrated shopping cart system Virtuemart.


"LightQuick has given Quad Fidelity the website we always wanted. We now have a presence on the web which matches or is superior to any of our competitors. Modifying the content is a breeze. We cannot do anything other than suggest that you use LightQuick to build your site." - Managing Director of Quad Fidelity.

The following image shows a simple and modern technical design in keeping with the image of Quad Fidelity with two easy to navigate navigation menu and modules placed in appropriate locations allowing easy access to the on-line shop. The banner displays Quad Fidelity's company image.


We use the following information on Quad Fidelity's Landing Page to ensure that the content is relevant to the google search terms likely to be used by the potential googling customer. Search engine friendly tools are in place to ensure that Google finds Quad Fidelity and to help place it near the top page of Google.

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Landing Page

The landing page is very important and must contain information relevant to the search term likely to be used Google. For Quad Fidelity we used the following content.


Welcome to Quad Fidelity, a small company specialising in the restoration and repair of Vintage hi-fi audio equipment. We overhaul and upgrade Quad and Cyrus/Mission hi-fi components for selling via the internet. Visit the new online store now to view the full product range.

We are not directly associated with the Quad Company but have always held their products in high regard, especially the vintage products from sixties and seventies. Therefore, the main products we supply are renovated and restored Quad, Cyrus and Mission audio separates from the late 1960s to the mid 1990s. The items we select for sale are vintage high quality audiophile electronic audio components with an in-built design capability for upgrading to modern standards.


Quad Acoustical Mfg Co. Quad kit has been praised as being at the head of audio quality engineering since the 1960s. The kit has been widely used by professionals, hi-fi enthusiasts and amateurs with good taste and whilst being affordable has always remained as a top-of-the-line brand.

Click here to visit the Cyrus Mission shop

Cyrus/Mission have made a series of industrial grade audio separates since the 1980s. They are rugged and well respected audio items providing high quality audio sound at prices which were always accessible. The items are well suited to restoration and improvement using modern audio-grade components.

Click here to visit the Van Damme shop

Cables and Accessories High Quality cables and components to enhance and complement your Quad or Cyrus kit. Shorters, Interconnects and Power Cables, upgrade kits and technical documentation.

All our products are easy to use and offer exceptional durability and value for money. The quality at this end of the market is very high and the build and design standards of Cyrus/Quad kit easily matches or surpasses high end audio equipment in manufacture today. The only difference is the cost.


We created the graphics for Quad Fidelity as well as the shop identity which will in time become the identity for the whole organisation.

Search engine optimisation is in place for this site. We will use SEF tools (Search Engine Friendly) to optimise the way information is presented to the customer via google. This site is product orientated and requires specific marketing for specific products. This is already underway and many of Quad Fidelity's products can already be found on the top page of Google's listings.

Search engine optimisation will work for your site too. With these enhancements in place your website's position in the top of the sponsored and natural listings is assured.

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