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HTML clipboardLightQuick has created a US version of the Goodwood Antiques targetted directly to US customers that want to buy in US dollars. The US market is potentially the largest market in the world for any product so it makes sense to focus upon this sector with a unique and targetted site. The US site can be found at HTML clipboard
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Illustrator's Place offer Professional Design & Illustration services to writers of fiction and non-fiction.  

We have just now been contracted to create a new web site for Children's book illustrator Steve Keeping at The new shop will feature a really fun Joomla CMS front-end using a funky and fun template. LightQuick will be providing the hosting and Steve's Illustrator's place will be providing the images. The site will feature a fun and stylish design which is intended to appeal to a the creative types among us. Steve's new site will be easy to modify so that on-going development costs are minimised. 

Steve Keeping is a professional Illustrator specialising in all different types of book illustration. Steve will work closely with authors giving their book a very individual, crafted, unique look and feel. The choice of materials and the selection of ideas are virtually endless, and when our unique illustrations become fused with the the client's writing, will explode into a very marketable product. For the customer there will be no need to look any further just contact Steve at Illustrator's Place and he will do the rest.

The site we have created uses Joomla 1.0. The use of Joomla 1.0 was dictated by the customer's selection of templat. The site has full English to Spanish translation capability built in using the Joomfish component. Every page has the option to select a translated alternative, not a machine translation this time but a competent human translation built in to the Joomla Fish database.

The following image shows the fun and zany design in keeping with the image of Illustrator's place  the site is easily navigable with one simple and easy to use navigation menu. 


"Lightquick web design came to me highly recommended and I have to say that I would definitely say the same, apart from being extremely helpful and polite, they really do listen to the needs of the customer, at the same time using their own experience and knowledge within the field of website design to be able to create not only what the customer requires, but probably even more importantly exactly what the customer is searching for. The internet is not only a huge source of information, it's the largest shopping mall in the world and if you dont get your site just right, only you are going to miss out. Do not hesitate, Go to the professionals,  go to Lightquick web design."

Steve Keeping, Illustrator's place

The site features some flash cartoon graphics showing "Chubbly the Aviator's" best friends. Chubbly is a cartoon character created by Steve.





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Last Updated ( Sunday, 15 December 2013 )
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