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 We have just finished a new web site presence for The Creel Inn in Catterline  at . The new site features a Joomla CMS front-end using a traditional template. The Creel Inn has a unique range of Belgian Beers as well as fine wines and good food. Robert Lindsay the owner is a superb chef in his own right and his knowledge of Belgian beers is second to none.
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New Venture Products, a company specialising in anti-slip and waterproof coatings

newventureproducts OLD site New Venture Products has a superb and close relationship with LightQuick Web Design. In the recent past we created the New Venture Products main website using traditional HTML technology (pictured left). This was before CMS applications came within the reach of small to medium-sized companies like New Venture Products.

The main products New Venture Products supplies are anti-slip paints, waterproof coatings, sealants and anti-climb paints, including the highly effective specialist coatings 'Protecta-kote', and 'Rainfix 20/10'. These are tough, protective coatings with a huge variety of applications. 

newvent-large.jpg We are currently in the process of redesigning the main website for New Venture Products as well as creating a new site for their newest product Omnicote using the Joomla Content Management System. The New Venture Products site has gone through three phases. The first was a simple HTML site which we enhanced and improved (pictured above). The second was the CMS version which was simple migration from HTML to Joomla. All the original content, images and data were retained (pictured right). This site was used as a technology demonstrator to show what could be done with a CMS in comparison to old-fashioned HTML. The new site was quick to load, easy to change and gave more functionality.

The final incarnation (picture no.3 at the bottom of the page) is a virtually new site with a completely new look and feel that matches the 'look and feel' of NVP's OSCommerce online shop. This gives a common navigation and style to both sites. The new site has a right hand column for advertising, information and SEO purposes.

New VentureProducts new site is our first Joostina 1.2 site. Joostina is a natural development of Joomla 1.0.15. The Joomla team stopped development of Joomla 1.0.15 in 2009 and moved over to Joomla 1.5. That left all the 1.0 users in the lurch. The Joostina team stepped in and carried on development of Joomla 1.0.15 creating Joostina 1.1 and 1.2. You can't tell the difference between a Joomla and Joostina site except that it runs faster and has more in-built functionality.

The image below shows a simple corporate design with a navigation menu that works in common with that of the Omnicote site ensuring customers can easily navigate both sites. The theme will also be common between the two sites although the underlying colours and content will differ.

newventureproducts-click to visitPlease be aware that you are now viewing an image of the beta version of the updated New Venture Products website using Joomla Content Management Systems. This New Venture Products test website is currently heavily 'under development' so bear that in mind when visiting the site. Click on the image below to view the developing site.

We use the following information on New Venture Products Landing Page to ensure that the content is relevant to the google search terms likely to be used by the potential googling customer.  Search engine friendly tools are in place to ensure that Google finds new venture products sites and places them on the top page of Google.

Keywords:  anti-slip paint, floor paint antislip, etch primer, epoxy primer, boat paints, anti-slip floor paint, online paint, oscommerce design uk, oscommerce paint, oscommerce tools, oscommerce diy, internet paint shop, buying paint, paint for sale, selling non slip paint online, online paint shop, create an online shop, build an internet shop, uk web shop builder, osc shop design, osc, selling paint on the internet, anti slip paint eshop, paint eshop uk, eshop design, selling paint products in the uk, selling paints with oscommerce, buy paint online, online non slip paint shop, internet anti slip paint store, internet decking paint shop, web shop designer sheffield, internet anti-slip paint webshop, oscommerce sheffield, oscommerce yorkshire, diy shop, diy shops, diy stores, diy store, diy co uk, diy super stores, diy uk online, diy online stores, diy online, boat paint uk.

The following keywords are linked to the live shop now and are based upon an automatic keyword generation tool., 


Landing Page

The landing page is very important and must contain information relevant to the search term likely to be used Google. For New Venture Products we used the following content.

Click on this image to select the Protectakote Description Page

"Protecta-Kote is a unique and advanced anti-slip polyurethane coating incorporating rubber granules. It was designed specifically for hard wearing automotive applications but has now been used extensively within marine, building and industrial environments.



Anti-Slip Floor Paint is a general purpose hard wearing single pack polyurethane designed to seal and colour internal concrete and wooden floors. Ideal for garage and workshop floors etc etc.


Roofix 20/10 is a single pack elastomeric acrylic based (non bitumastic) compound, providing excellent flexibility and durability. It is an easy way to waterproof and repair flat roofs, gutters, balconies, bay windows and any other external area that needs a tough, flexible waterproof coating.


Anti-Climb Paint is a non-toxic, thick glutinous coating that in appearance is similar to smooth gloss paint just after its been applied, but it remains slippery indefinitely so preventing any intruder from gaining a foothold and permanently marking clothes etc.


All of New Venture Products products are easy to apply to almost any surface and offer exceptional durability and value for money. 'Protecta-Kote', 'Metcote' and 'RainKote' have been developed by Duram in South Africa who have over 20 years experience in polyurethane coating technology."

As a working example of how search engine optimisation works for New Venture Products, cut and paste the following search term into the google search box on the left of this page or click on this link.


This is a brand distributed by New Venture Products and we are confident that a google search for this term will bring up the following sites in Google's first page:

These sites are all owned by New Venture Products and the position of these sites shows how well search engine optimisation works when applied correctly. New Venture Products is assured that the majority of people searching for this product will be directed to their sites. Note that two other referring sites on this page are also referring back to pages owned by New Venture Products.

Search engine optimisation will work for your site too. With these enhancements in place your website's position in the top of the sponsored and natural listings is assured.


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Joostina 1.2.x - this development Joomla 1.0. x. But it is done in encoding Windows-1251, that is in Cyrillic.
Joostina 1.3.x - this is another branch development joomla 1.0. x. But it has already been made in utf-8 encoding and has great potential

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