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This site is dedicated to provide interesting downloads, mainly Steampunk widgets for Xwidget, Rainmeter, Yahoo Widgets and KDE Plasma engines as well as wallpapers and icons. Please feel free to download and use any of these on your Windows or Linux system. Simply download the widgets for the widget engine of your choice and have fun. They are all entirely free.
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Steampunk Orrery, Calendar Yahoo Widget MKII PDF Print
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have just been experimenting with various video capture tools, this stuff is not as easy as you think. Finally I have found some video editing tools that seem to suit me with regard to usability and functionality. I am doing this as an exercise as video creation and manipulation has not been one of my higher skills. I've previously been using older video editing solutions/tools on Windows XP and as that o/s has become obsolete so have the tools. They don't work anymore on my Win10 laptop which has meant a dearth of videos. Finally, though I am finding my feet and starting to create again.

The subject? My old Steampunk Timekeeper Orrery, just think of it as a piece of Space 1899 high tech. - perhaps the Martian attack has failed and the humans are returning to Mars for theiru revenge? This is a piece of the Victorian space technology that human space farers might use in their quest for conquest of Mars.

In reality it is my old Konfabulator desktop widget. You can select a date and enter a memorandum for that date, it is fully configurable. An elegant widget- give it a go.

The Steampunk Orrery widget provides a daily memorandum function via a truly steampunk interface. Select a date via the calendar ring and click the date shown and it will allow you to enter a memo or reminder. You can use the ring to select future or past memos and whilst you are doing so the orrery will allow you to reflect on the passage of time and the true nature of this force that controls our lives. Well, you might...

You can get it here:…

Full instructions for the widget are available here:…

Last Updated ( Monday, 21 November 2016 )
Xwidget engine installs and runs under ReactOS PDF Print
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Xwidget installation now works in ReactOS as of version 0.4.3 (alpha) under virtualbox!

The installer: xwidget 1.932

Xwidget now runs on ReactOS too... ReactOS 0.4.3 has only just been released, you can get it here (be sure to read the installation instructions - YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED)

However, the default widgets display on the desktop but there are some serious  graphical problems. The default widgets partially display their background elements but any animated graphical items are not updated dynamically.

An F5 refreshes certain widgets and they will update - just not dynamically.

eg. This widget installs and runs, an F5 updates the hour/minute hands.…

My widget runs rather better than the default widgets, that is possibly because I am not using the in-built animations but rather doing my own in javascript. The default widgets look like backgrounds without graphical elements nor text.

The main xwidget launcher in windows is an icon in the system tray. In ReactOS this icon is not generated. Instead the user has to navigate via the menu system, good news is that the menus seem to work.

The main issue with the widgets, apart from the lack of animation is the issue with transparency. The transparent section behind the widgets is all black.

Not quite an Epic Win but almost! - However, to see a widget engine running at all is quite a respectable achievement! Well done for 0.4.3!

Don't expect to be able to run your widgets successfully on ReactOS, not just yet but this is a step in the right direction -


This is my Panzer clock widget running under ReactOS, I know it looks like Windows, ReactOS is meant to operate just like Windows.

PS. No, the Yahoo Widget engine does not yet install under ReactOS... still broken.
Last Updated ( Monday, 21 November 2016 )
I have Windows, why would I want ReactOS instead? PDF Print
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If anyone says, "what's the point in ReactOS, I have Windows, why would I want ReactOS instead?" I give them this list:

1. Safe browsing in a virtual ReactOS sandbox (Firefox)
2. A platform for development using legacy environments (VB6)
3. A platform for widget desktop development and packaging (Yahoo Widget Engine)
4. A platform for graphical design (Photoshop CS ver 8.0 - the oldest and still the best)
5. A platform that I can theme fully without patching.
6. A platform that I can change the underlying o/s fonts, colours without the GUI denying me this capability.
7. A platform I can bundle and distribute with my own customisations - a Windows/ReactOS distro.
8. A platform that I can use multiple instances of for testing
9. A platform that I can build into any x86 computer by default.
10. No licensing restrictions
11. Full DOS gaming under NTVDM.
12. All/most older/current 32bit Windows apps should just function.
13. All/most older/current 32bit Windows drivers should just function.
14. Access to all legacy apps that stopped working under NT6+
15. Access to source code if required for bug-fixing or just for analysis.
16. Real support from a dedicated and growing ReactOS community, you can actually report bugs and obtain feedback!
17. Real support from the Windows community too for all apps/driver problems, at the very least for comparison purposes.
18. Documentation will exist for ReactOS, documentation is always good!
19. Escape from Microsoft's eternal UI redesign - controls, options, everything are right back where I want them to be.
20. Freedom from forced obsolescence by design, being forced by MS to abandon useful software.
21. Freedom to use the o/s of my choice without abandoning all my prior knowledge and experience.
22. There are no restrictions with regard to functionality removed from the different home/professional versions, there are no crippled versions!
23. It is free of DRM restrictions.
24. Gaining an old and familiar desktop environment.
25. Gaining an o/s that is quicker to boot, much slimmer with regard to footprint, and much more efficient in operation.
26. It is free, completely! No licence costs for multiple servers. Multiple instances cost nothing.
27. ReactOS is open source. The code is reviewed by MANY eyes and bugs / security flaws are caught and fixed, rather than ignored and buried.
28. No metro apps that consume more resources than needed.
29. No unwanted telemetry that data mines your system and that saves bandwidth.
30. The ability to port an NT-compatible OS to other platforms, including hypervisors with paravirtualizing capabilities.
31. Ability to compile the source code and know how an NT compatible system actually works, or at the very least, get an idea of how it works.
32. Guaranteed no NSA backdoors.
33. Can run on many different types of filesystems, since NTFS hasn't really been updated since XP.

ReactOS has just reached version 0.4.3 - you can download it here: 

Xwidget strikes back! PDF Print
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The designer of Xwidgets recently returned to the Xwidget community with a re-issue of the Android version of Xwidgets. It has been reported that he has been working on a new version of the xwidget engine for the desktop but we have seen nothing up until now...

Tony has just dropped a demonstration version of the new Xwidget designer onto the forum for developers to try. It is a cut-down version of the final thing, lacking features and missing essential components as it is still heavily under development. However, it works! I assume that some features may may make the final cut and some may not. When you test the new designer bear this in mind this lack of features and recent gestation.

You can find the new version here:…

Here is my own feedback on the Xwidget 2.0 designer.

Negative points first...

Objects are missing lots of properties (presumably yet to come)

Components are a little threadbare - plenty in development I presume.

I miss the useful icons/buttons at the top, debug, design, code split, log &c - hoping these will re-appear when the design is more complete. They give the new user some direction as to where to go, what to do. They are also familiar and easy to use. I'd hate to see them disappear. The ability to switch to the code window at will using a convenient button has been lost, not good for those of us who are code-oriented. I know there is the little script button at the bottom of the page but it is tucked away and feels hidden. I expect the main helpful functions to be sited together where they are intuitively useful. The option to revert to the icons/buttons should be provided then the new designer will feel a friendly place to be rather than one where our knowledge and skills to operate the IDE are lost. Icons are useful! Give us the option to have icons, to make them smaller or larger and to place them where we want them - just as almost ALL other code editors do. We should be able to show/hide toolbars as we require. Windows users expect applications with icons and and menus in the expected location. Let us not alienate our Windows users with different methods of operation.

The black overall theme of the Xdesigner - I particularly dislike it. All my code windows, IDEs and text editors use white background and black text going back to the late 1980s. That is what I am familiar with and that is what I like. I strongly suggest an option to revert to a more traditional theme for the designer. I don't draw on a blackboard, I design using pen and paper...

Xdesigner 2.0 Proposed new version

Let the user determine the font to use for the Xdesigner in the various panels, the current font is too large, I prefer something smaller, some might prefer something larger, give us an option to configure the Xdesigner, font, colours &c.

The code window -the default font has changed and there is no option to revert to another font. I know which font I prefer for my code and it certainly isn't arial or similar.

There is still no option to change the font size on the code designer forcing the Xdesigner window to be displayed covering a lot of the user's screen.

The Xdesigner starting up in full screen mode every time is unwelcome.

The overall look and feel of the Xdesigner appliication is a tadge dull and boring in comparison to version 1.0. It has taken the 'modern' theme as provided by Microsoft and has followed it slavishly. As a result the new designer is a boring place to be where as the older version has colour and is vibrant. I don't like Microsoft's new style, it is corporate and bland and it would be good to be able to configure the style ourselves. See how vibrant the old designer was.

Xdesigner 1.0, bright and vibrant, it looks like an IDE.

I don't like the change from 'widget' to 'theme'. A widget is a discrete component, whereas a theme is a more comprehensive set of styles and components that produce an overall "look and theme". I would be disappointed if the xwidget designer was more oriented toward themes rather than desktop objects such as widgets. I suggest reverting to 'widgets' or 'objects' if the term widget is now out of date. I think the term 'theme' is misleading in this context. I know what I mean by theme and I believe most of the world thinks the same way. If the new version is tending towards the creation of whole themes then I think the change is a step too far and a step away from the whole concept of xwidgets... I strongly suggest that a rethink is performed here that allows those that want to create discrete widgets to continue.

I don't like the change from 'layer' to 'page'. A layer is an easily understandable concept when it comes to designing a widget comprising images, whereas a page has a relationship with a document rather than a programmable object. I would be disappointed if the xwidget designer was more oriented toward documents rather than desktop objects such as widgets. I suggest reverting to 'layers'. I think the term 'page' is misleading in this context. I know what I mean by layer or page and I believe most of the world thinks the same way.

The new Xdesigner is not backward compatible. I cannot open any old widgets using the new Xdesigner, does that mean we have to start from scratch with every design? Poor me ? Poor JimKing! There MUST be a compatibility mode or a widget mode allowing the designer to open and configure previous objects.

I do not like not being able to close my widget/theme without closing the whole Xdesigner.

I do not like not being able to open the Xdesigner without creating a new theme every time. I should be able to open the designer without opening an existing theme or opening a new one. If the Xdesigner is an IDE then make it an IDE that you can open and run and use for your own purposes. I do not wish to be forced to open a project every time.

Code window code highlighting - it seems to highlight keywords in a similar fashion as before, which is good but I must be able to define the colours. The current colours are garish, jarring and all wrong. My current code editor is Kate from the KDE stable, it is an advanced code editor, is highly configurable, colours can be changed - and Tony could take serious hints on operation from that source.…

Kate Editor showing my preferred code colours that I have used for years now.

Assigning some code to an image object now takes even more clicks, it takes seven in total to get to the code. In the VB6 IDE (one of the best IDEs in the world) a double-click on an object in designer mode took you directly to the code and straight to the onclick event, the most commonly used event. Seven clicks to get to the code is ridiculous - and is more than the old Xdesigner that only took three!

The function list is gone from the code window, it was useful. Let's have it back please.

Some events are missing, I'm hoping they will return, ONkey events on images and other objects are required, they did not actually work on the old runtime but at least the events were present in the Xdesigner...

Split mode is missing entirely, I presume/hope it will return.

Most windows have the X or close button on the wrong side of the title bar. It is in the wrong place compared to ALL other Windows applications. Let us not alienate our users with different methods of operation. Windows users expect all buttons to be in the expected location. This is not Linux.



The Xdesigner made changes that I did not want. It is saving when I don't want it to. I made changes to the default theme, deleting the background image on the layout item and then exited the designer specifically without saving my changes but they have still been applied. When I re-opened the theme the background was gone.

Ctrl/F - search - is definitely not working, ACK produced instead of a pop-up search window.

The switch to 'debug' mode by clicking on the 'play' button is very, very, very slow. Debug mode in the old Xdesigner was instant and very useful. A slow debug mode is useless and debug mode will not be used as a result. If it is slow then remove it. My system is a core i7 3.4ghz with an SSD and I wait over 10 seconds for it to render a 'theme'. If this is the penalty for converting to themes then I don't want themes, I want widgets and an IDE that is quick to debug. I have dropped IDE's that were awkward to use. I previously dropped xDesigner 1.0 due to a clunky interface and awkward operation, I don't want to drop Xdesigner 2.0 due to a slow IDE.



Feature Request: XWidget does not capture a keypress on an image… This is essential to allow a widget to react to hotkeys or keypresses. Other programs/widget engines have this functionality.

Feature Request: On the Xdesigner, the new 'action and command' window, a click on the function should take you to the function in the code window.

Feature Request: Object ordering within a layer is clumsy, only allowing 'bring to front' and 'send to back'. Very primitive when you have 50 or more objects. A simple move backward/forward option would allow more advanced ordering.

Feature Request: Xwidgets still has no preferences function where you can build your own widget configuration options. See Yahoo widgets for an example of how this should be done.

Feature Request: Make it possible to bind keys to specific tasks so for example the F3 key can be bound to call the search function and to repeat the search function as necessary. All windows applications use CTRL/F and F3 to search.

Feature Request - Alt+F+S to operate as other windows applications do! Give us menus to perform hot key operations using the keyboard such as save/opening widgets. All windows applications have this functionality.… No need to deny Xwidget's platform roots.

Feature Request: Code Search Function - Enhance the search, allow search from top…

Feature Request: Allow default image to display any type, animated GIF, APNG, .ANI or other image format.…

Feature Request: Transparent areas of PNGs to be excluded from being recognised as a valid click event. It should always click through transparent areas automatically.

Feature Request: Give progress bars absolute values. Progress bars can be used to give a sliding indicator showing any value. They are useful as visual analogue indicators of values directly from cores but only for cores that express their values as percentages. Unfortunately, they are next to useless when showing anything that does not equate to a percentage value. For example a temperature cannot be expressed in terms of percent. A temperature is an absolute, it is a measurement. It has no maximum which could equate to 100%.…

Feature Request: Tooltips are not supported in the current version of the Xwidget engine, only 'hints'. Hints are massive, tooltips are discrete. Let Xwidget 2.0 provide tooltips once again.

Feature Request: NetMonitor Boolean network availability.…

Feature Request: Windows Media player core, data source needs a revamp, it can't select a track for playing immediately. The current core is simply poor quality. Using the WMplayer OCX gives complete access to the Windows Media player and so I don't quite understand how the old media player core has basic and essential control missing. Fix it please!

Feature Request: Alternative media player cores, data sources. VLC is required at least, target open source players please.…

Feature Request: The speedfan core, data source needs to identify the sensor names correctly. It is possible by reading the names of the sensors in speedfansens.cfg.

Feature Request: Open Hardware Monitor core, open source and preferred alternative to speedfan &c. This is the future for hardware monitoring, uses WMI to store the data.

Feature Request: Data source API to be disclosed so that we can write cores ourselves... I have written my own speedfan core for use with another widget engine. We could write them, expose the interface, explain what we should be using, give us the source code of a demonstration core.…

Feature Request: Far more focus and orientation toward producing widgets for Android. In particular gesture based events that we can code and design in Windows and build for Android. More working cores/data sources for Android. The current set is too limiting. I was expecting so much more from this aspect of Xwidgets and it really needs to be addressed.…


Things I like:

In the editor single-clicking on the line number highlights the line.

The highlighting text duplication bug seems to have gone away.

Changing 'cores' to 'data sources' seems more intuitive.

In code edit mode clicking on an open bracket selets the end bracket - good!

Much easier to grab and drag the IDE's frames to resize the various areas.

The ability to resize the design using the mouse scroll wheel is very welcome.

I like the resizing controls on the Xdesigner.

I prefer the properties being located beneath one panel instead of being grouped under several panels as before, although I can imagine that some might prefer the older method, perhaps this could be configurable?

I like the new ability to assign right-click context-related menus to specific objects.


In general I am pleased with the new designer, it is professional and so far a step in the right direction. It MUST have configuration options to change the look and feel so it matches the older designer in order to avoid alienating users.

Personally I wouldn't bother with changes to the look and feel, I would focus on fixing bugs, improving functionality, providing new data sources and bringing the code editor up to scratch and give us the tools/cores to perform cross-platform Widgets to Android. Change is fine but only when it brings improvement. The trend towards themes disturbs me. If this is a themeing engine and we cannot create discrete widgets anymore then I'd be seriously annoyed if I was one of the main widget designers...

I don't mind the idea of themes but I do not want it to subvert the concept of discrete widgets.

Other than that, it is a good offering so far. The best thing is that it proves Xwidget is NOT dead after all and the developer really is working on the new version.
Last Updated ( Monday, 21 November 2016 )
War of the Worlds - The best version so far PDF Print
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STOP PRESS - Europe invaded by the Martians!

Germany invaded, the Fatherland burns. Paris will fall, Britain is next. Real invasion footage. 

Last Updated ( Tuesday, 11 October 2016 )
This is Jinsy - Series 1 Element Reports PDF Print
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Ah Jinsy! How do we describe it? Sincerely and deeply crazy at a very deep level. Not Americain crazy, zany or crackpot but deeply unusual, creative and a lot of fun. Based in a semi-steampunk world of towers and lighthouses, chalets on strange invented islands, electric owls, trempesest (shiny) spoons, feral accountants, nightly byes, fear of vegtables and the sexual allure of fruit enhanced and expanded by Farks Cortex Fruit Gum. Here is just a snippet of what is on offer on the Island of Jinsy, some Elemend Repoorts for Threesday, the fourteenth of Phew. Terrible conditions for the fun-fungus walk setting off from Bob's mould hut from seven and three this nightly...

Last Updated ( Tuesday, 11 October 2016 )
Sir, You are Being Hunted Max Difficulty Speed Run PDF Print
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I've always loved this game, it has a certain something that distinguishes it from other games. A sense of real fear is engendered, you feel under threat all the time. There is a familiarity in the landscape that makes you feel you understand your predicament even more so it is eve more real. The concept of polite and evil English-accented robots extends the evil English baddie metaphor quite cleverly. I love the game.


Last Updated ( Tuesday, 11 October 2016 )
The Looking Planet PDF Print
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Rather a lot of fun, quite sweet too. Worth watching. Has won many awards so it should be! It explains how the universe was created - not really.


Last Updated ( Tuesday, 11 October 2016 )
The Order: 1886 - The Movie PDF Print
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The Order 1886 - The computer game's plotline edited into a movie. Computer graphics are approaching the point where they can almost be taken for real. There is still some of that "happy valley" feel to the facial animation of human characters that causes a suspension of belief but in general, the plot, the graphics, the audio, the premise and the outstanding graphics are enough to let us be taken away by this 'film' to places that seem familiar but still unexpected. The combination of the steampunk alternate reality and the "happy valley" displacement actually works to make us feel alienated from the action whilst intrigued by the world presented to us.

We must realise that it is a computer game and not a film so the scripting and editing, acting and effects are not always as polished as you would expect them to be. However, they really are first rate when considered as merely being a by-product of some computer gameplay. 

The storyline is this - there have been a number of strange murders in Whitechapel. Follow the mysterious Order of Her Majesty's Royal Knights as they investigate these deaths, and the conspiracy surrounding them in this alternate take on history.

Very violent, a little too violent for my tastes and certainly not for children but very, very steampunk indeed. Worth watching to the end.


Last Updated ( Tuesday, 11 October 2016 )
The Mysterious Explorations of Jasper Morello PDF Print
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The Mysterious Explorations of Jasper Morello is one of those internet mysteries that have you wondering why and how it was made. From the start it is dark and mysterious, failing to explain what it is and why. It is of course made more wonderful by the mystery it engenders. Normally when you find a gem like this you've heard of it before but not had the chance to see it or you've thought better of going to watch it, instead opting for some piece of modern film art, only finally finding it and regretting that decision long ago. Not with this one. It seems to have appeared from the depths of nowhere and has slowly emerge just as one of Dr Claude Belgon's strange chrysalid creatures emerges from its cocoon. From the very start this short film fills you with both dread and wonder due in no small part due to the dark invention of its bleak but intriguing steampunk world. Instead of the Victorian self-belief and confidence in the Victorian modern world the film has the protagonist immersed in self-doubt and an over-arching impression of human failure despite technical prowess and significant achievement. It is a black film in thought and context and not just in the dark and muted colours it is filmed in. Try to enjoy it, you may not...but it is worth a watch! 

Last Updated ( Tuesday, 11 October 2016 )
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