Steampunk Widgets - Elements of the past and the future combining to make something not quite as good as either

Steampunk Desktop Widgets

This site is dedicated to provide interesting downloads, mainly Steampunk widgets for Xwidget, Rainmeter, Yahoo Widgets and KDE Plasma engines as well as wallpapers and icons. Please feel free to download and use any of these on your Windows or Linux system. Simply download the widgets for the widget engine of your choice and have fun. They are all entirely free.
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We are a web design company. We specialise in making websites for small companies in the South Oxfordshire area. We have clients in Wallingford, Henley, Reading, Didcot and Stonehaven in Scotland. We use Joomla CMS to build our sites. We can do a lot more too. Read on to see what we are, what we have been and what we can do for you.

Lightquick - History

We are currently pooling information about our combined experience in web design, graphics and training and putting it here in a big brain dump. We will then figure out how to structure this page so it is best presented to our customers. We are busy working on our customer's sites and this takes priority.

Our talented team has the following skills: web design, development, project management and web marketing with extensive experience in creating and maintaining web solutions for clients throughout the UK and Europe.

LightQuick is a UK computer consultancy with over 21 years of experience in High Availability and Fault Tolerant mid-range systems using VAX/VMS, UNIX and Microsoft Windows Operating Systems. LightQuick can provide skills such as Prince 2 and 'Agile' Project Management, Systems Administration, Application Support, Business Analysis, VB Programming, Web Design and Optimisation, Graphic Design and Publishing.  What does this mean? It means we are multi-skilled and can bring years of experience to help you build your
Tim Berners Lee - the man who invented the internetweb presence.

LightQuick Web Design has been involved in the web since the early days of the 1980s when the internet was created as a concept by Tim Berners-Lee. We have created internet and intranet sites using a variety of technologies over this period, many of them using CMS (Content Management Systems). 

Lightquick - Today

We now specialise in providing CMS websites for small businesses, organisations and individuals. If you want a small three page site or if you want a fifty page site with graphics and movies we'll do it for you. We specialise in using the new breed of content management systems and in particular Joomla CMS. We choose to develop using Joomla as it is free to the client and the on-going support costs are minimal.

Market Sectors

Telecoms Mediation and Billing, Manufacturing & Just-In-Time MRP, Real-time systems, Fault-Tolerant systems, Financial Institutions, Marketing Statistical Analysis, Product Sales and Marketing, Business Analysis, Retail Environments, Entertainment Sectors.

Systems Administration - Windows 2000, NT, ME, WINDOWS 95/98, XP, VMS and Vista

Application support, NT/Windows/DOS et al. Almost all xp.jpgof our applications now run under the latest Windows platform digital.jpgand we therefore offer our skills as highly competent software specialists from programming in VB to application support in niche packages such as 3DSMax or Quark Express.

Web-site Design and Maintenance using CMS systems

We have traditional design skill using HTML pages built using Frontpage or Dreamweaver but we now concentrate the delivery of web applications using CMS systems like Joomla, Mambo.  

Publishing and CAD using Quark Express



We have significant skills in using the following packages to obtain high quality 2D and 3D images - Archi Cad - SoftImage - Photoshop - 3DStudio Max.

Building Interiors


We can provide fully rendered architectural images or animated walk-throughs of new or proposed buildings. We can take a 2 dimensional plan and create a truly realistic 3D rendering allowing the client to visualise the finished building in all it's aspects.


 View of the rendered building showing small bedroom window
 View of the rendered building showing the desk
 View of the rendered building showing Small Coffee Table

Tank Exteriors

You are probably asking yourself, why are there pictures of tanks on this site? Well we created this Tiger Tank amongst others as part of a military simulation package. The Tiger is there in all it's military glory! It shows you what we can do and what skills we can employ to make your site a beautiful one. Click on any of the thumbnail tank pictures to open a larger and more detailed version of the same.



We provide training for all our clients. This is an essential part of running your own Joomla CMS based website. Our clients have all benefited from the quality of training we provide, stating that they have felt 'empowered' at completion of the session. We offer our clients three hours training as part of the package which is sufficient for the organisation to take full control of their own site.


Microsoft VisualBasic & QuickBasic Programming, Some screenshots from the programs that LightQuick have created are shown below. Better quality images will be forthcoming shortly.

FireStrike is a software product designed for the Wargamer. FireStrike is a suite of six programs which used together form a Battle Control System.

WOTW Companion - The companion for 'Jeff Wayne's War of the Worlds' © PC Game provides an upgrade to fix problems with Jeff Wayne's war of the worlds PC RTS game.








UNIX Systems

Intec Inter-MediatE mediation systems on HP-UX, Linux, SUN Unix, Compaq Unix/DEC Ultrix and Coherent System Admin.
Network Management, TCP/IP, NFS, Shell scripting,
MAC/Unix integration. Client/Server. Fault

Tolerant systems based on Sun SPARC technology


Network Administration

DECnet, Pathworks, TCP/IP Network Support.
Pathworks, NFS, Workgroups.


Application Support

Management of software projects to create bespoke packages providing 3G/4G MMS/SMS realtime mediation and inter-carrier billing functionality for the Telecommunications Industry.


Project Management

Management of the full development lifecycle of Fault Tolerant Unix Systems used in the telecoms industry. Management of multi-disciplinary development teams, utilisation of engineering services, assessment of project risks, negotiation of project requirements, monitoring of design progress, manufacture of end product.

Open VMS

  • Operating System Performance Tuning

  • Upgrades, Installation

  • Tailoring and Configuration.

  • Hardware Specification.

  • Application Support, CA/ASK-Manman Classic,
    Report Writing, UDMS and Datatrieve.

  • DCL programming, Security Audits and
    Security Maintenance.

  • Performance Tuning, Upgrades, Installation, Configuration
    VMS Cluster management,
    Application and Database Performance Tuning.

  • High Availability Systems.



The above services can be acquired on a Contract or Consultancy basis, all at very low cost. LightQuick cites mutuality as one of it's Company principles. We ensure that the partnership will benefit both parties, therefore our prices are competitive. For further information please call Dean Beedell using the contact us link above, and obtain a quotation that will suit your requirements.

If its a website you want or an 'Epresence' via an on-line shop  then you can get online in 3 easy steps...   step1.png Click here to see recently finished web sites & online shops Click here to see recently finished web sites & online shops.

Car stuff direct demo site GoodWood Antiques demo site Click here to visit the demo page for Property Oxon Quad Fidelity demo site    

Try our demo shop Try our demo shop - we are just building this now - hold on!

small-tick.png Your site or shop could be up and running in 2 weeks
small-tick.png If it is a shop you want, it can sell unlimited products of any type
small-tick.png We will give you a bespoke design to suit your style of business

Click here to view out contacts page and get in touch now Click here to view our contacts page and get in touch now - or give LightQuick a call on 07593 532572


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I just downloaded your Steampunk Clock Calendar. It is really cool.
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